The Good Girl's Closet

Welcome to The Good Girl's Closet. I started my brand as a clothing boutique selling accessories and trendy outfits. After approximately 4 months of practice my new skill, I furthered my education by acquiring my state license with the Board of Cosmetology. Shortly after my career conjured up its own momentum and created an entire community of clients and customers that love and trust what my brand provides.

I am now a full time lash artist and The Good Girl's Closet is now the home of eyelash extension supplies. Every product listed is tested 2-4 months before being sold to customers or used on clients. These products have made my lash artistry much easier.I also specialize in other services such as facials, body care, and tooth gems. Feel free to check out these services as well in my gallery and the book a service tab.

With Love, Leen

Bold & Beautiful

Volume eyelash extensions darken and intensify the density of the lash line. These sets are specifically designed to create a bold and dramatic look.

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Subtle & Soft

Classic eyelash extensions provide an effortless mascara look. By lengthing the natural lashes giving it a polished and dainty look. Often compared to the "Wet Set", both enhance the natural look and length of the lashes.

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  • Tweezer Collection

    These uniquely made tweezers are capable of isolation and fanning the eyelash mink fibers. From the thinnest to the thickest of diameters, each tweezer is quality tested and lightweight for quick and easy transitioning.

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  • Clingy Adhesive

    This adhesive has a minimal odor & non-stimulating for irritation to the eyes. This adhesive is flexible for both beginner and advanced artist. The adhesive creates a tacky hold before fully curing, which allows the artist to remove or reposition the fans if misplaced.

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  • Lash Therapy

    This pro made lash bath is made to keep your lashes squeaky clean and can last you up to 6-8 weeks if used on a daily basis. This product is paired with a deep cleansing brush to remove debris.

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